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Gary Rides WC2C is fairly big charity bike ride…

In August 2012 I’m going to ride the length of Wales, Coast to Coast, North to South, offroad, non-stop in order to raise money for the Cots for Tots Appeal. That’s 320km (200 miles) with 11,000m (36,000ft) of climbing. And with the help of a crew, we’re going to be filming the whole effort along the way.

The Welsh Coast to Coast (WC2C) is an offroad mountain bike route devised by endurance cyclist and Guinness World Record holder Dave Buchanan. The record currently sits at 20hrs 10mins, courtesy of Rich Holmes. The only other rider to complete the route is the pioneer of the challenge, Dave Buchanan, who rode it in 22hrs 24mins.

…and it could take a while.

I’m not exactly of the calibre of the typical ultra-endurance rider that takes on this kind of challenge, and with filming involved too, I’m anticipating that this challenge could take me anything from 27 to 30hrs in the saddle, without a break.

Setting off from Caernarfon and ending in Cardiff, the route takes in some of Wales’ most adventurous, remote and technical riding. Moving on through the night, the route becomes its toughest and most remote around the time night is at its darkest. It’s a proper adventure, and both physically and mentally it’s going to be a gigantic step up from riding a 24-hour lap-based race — my last charity challenge.

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